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Who is Antoine Khoury

My name is Antoine (Tony) Khoury and I have been teaching French and other languages at the elementary, college and university levels for over 30 years. In 1976, I started my teaching career at the university of Windsor where I taught French Language and Literature courses, then at the University of Western Ontario, in London, where I was a Ph.D. student from 1976-79. I spent five years in France, in The Middle-East and in South America where I taught English as a Second Language. Later, I taught French at St. Clair College for 15 years, and at Collège Boréal for 2 years. In June 2008, after 22 years of teaching French as a Second Language at the elementary level, I retired from my full-time position. Presently, I am teaching French and Arabic at the university of Windsor while continuing to cultivate my passion of writing.

Through my daily contact with many students at different ages and levels, and with different priorities and backgrounds, my extensive experience in teaching and speaking several languages has made me believe that having students concentrate their effort and attention on the oral aspect of the language by exposing them to a rich vocabulary used in context rather than on Grammar will have an enormous impact on their ability to express themselves effictively in a new language – both orally and in writing. This is not to say that Grammar is not important. It is, but Vocabulary comes first in my view.


About Antoine Khoury

Author of 8 children stories and of more than 35 titles of Curriculum related material in French, English, Arabic and Spanish, Antoine’s materials are being used in many schools and Second Language classes in various countries.

Antoine has presented several workshops for teachers of Second Language:

  • Engaging students in a Second Language class (Windsor,On, 2005)
  • Strategies to make Reading a success (Toronto, ON, 2006)
  • Humour, a trump card always and everywhere (Toronto, ON, 2007)
  • Humour, the salt of success, in teaching a Second Language (Stratford, ON, 2008)
  • Humour and Reading in SKURT, an ESL Workshop (Windsor 2009)

Whether you are a French major student, a public servant or a parent whose children are enrolled in a French immersion program, I am offering my services and material to help you express yourself well in French by following my methodology, summarized in the following word “ SKURT”, which stands for the following: Say it, Know it, Use it, Read it, Trace it or write it.


  1. Homeschooled students from Grades 4-9.
  2. FSL teachers, professionals, Graduate students, who, despite the many French courses taken, are still looking for that magic BAGUETTE that will help them raise the level of their verbal French fluency rather than the level of their frustration.
  3. Professionals, parents, public servants who are interested in learning French.
  4. University and College students currently enrolled in French Language training courses looking to achieve better results.


Dear Parents,

I have been teaching French to Homeschooling Students for several years, live, one hour a week in groups up to 10 maximum.

I would like to make you aware of the ON-LINE French courses I am going to offer to Homeschooling Students so they become able to express themselves fluently, verbally and in writing, in one of our official languages.

Click here for more information about these online courses:



Dear Parent(s),

The decision to enroll a child in a French or French Immersion program is never taken lightly by any parent. Some are well prepared for it due to their proficiency in French. Some are not, but are willing to get some help in order to accompany their children on their journey to become fully bilingual.

If you belong to the second category, we would like to make you aware of our ON LINE PROGRAM that is offered to a group of 10 maximum, one hour a week, in the convenience of your own home.

Click here for more information about this program and fees:


Professor Khoury has instructed three of my children in his unique French curriculum. I highly recommend his method. His emphasis on oral French first, helped my kids learn the necessary vocabulary before they moved onto grammar. As a busy homeschooling mom, I would find it difficult to fit French into our school day. I also found it hard to find the right curriculum. Professor Khoury's classes were exactly what I was looking for because they work.
When we enrolled our oldest daughter in high school, her credentials from Professor Khoury's class was considered a grade 9 equivalency credit. Likewise, our younger son took these classes prior to entering high school. Once he was enrolled, he successfully completed the grade 9 academic French course. Thank you Professor Khoury!"

RhondaHome-schooling mom of 15 years

Intensive French Language PRE-COURSES, on line, to prepare High School Graduates Students for the following university required French courses:

  • French Language Training I
  • French Language Training II
  • French Language Training III
  • French Language Training IV

What to Expect

What to expect?

  • Coverage of the content of each course ( grammar and vocabulary), prior to enrolment.
  • Overcoming the difficulties Anglicisme
  • Improving your verbal and written proficiency by having the opportunity to express yourself, in small groups (10 students), and to be corrected on the spot without feeling intimidated.
  • Achieving better results in the required French Language courses mentioned above.

Who Can Participate

Who can participate?

  • Grade 12 students intending to have French as a major or minor at the university.



  • Spring, summer and fall 2016.
  • Duration of each course: 4 weeks, 2 hour session per week.

How to Enroll / Cost

How to enroll and how much it costs?

  • Please contact:

Attention Future French Teachers and French Studies graduates!

Do you think

  • it is too expensive to travel to France or Québec to use the French you learned?
  • you do not have the time to travel because of work or personal reasons?
  • you are about to look for a French teaching position but you do not feel confidant enough to express yourself verbally or in writing in this language?
  • «anglicisme» influences your verbal and written proficiency?
  • that after having taken Fr. 121, 122, 221, 222 at the university, a general review of the grammar rules with an emphasis on the use of the proper vocabulary is helpful?
  • you need new ideas, methodologies, materials to prepare you to teach FSL at the elementary or secondary level?

If you respond “yes” to one or more of the above, we encourage you to take part in this intensive and newly designed on line one hour a week French course, for a period of 4 weeks, to a maximum audience of 10 participants.

To enroll in this course or to have more information about the content and the fees, please contact:

If you are one of the above – looking to raise the level of your verbal French fluency rather than the level of your frustration – click on the following button for a COMMON SENSE approach to learning French

I found the text written by Antoine Khoury, "DO YOU SPEAK FRENCH? MAIS OUI!" extremely helpful. It was a great refresher for me and the information on the CD was most beneficial. It was presented in a very logical order that I found easy to follow and there were great explanations of some things that I had previously memorized in French courses but had never really understood the reasoning. I know it will be a great reference tool for me that I will turn to time and time again.

Danielle AntonucciFSL Teacher

I bought Mr. Khoury’s book, “DO YOU SPEAK FRENCH? MAIS OUI!” and I enjoyed its content very much. I use it often for referencing and to refresh my memory. Mr. Khoury uses media tools to help the reader understand problems and speaks English and translates sentences to French for ease of understanding. I recommend this book to students who are looking for extra help in understanding basic rules and for reference purposes.

Julien SoulliereUniversity of Windsor

I found the book Do you speak French? Mais oui! To be an excellent resource to review and to improve the French I learned through my 13 years in French immersion. I find the book to be an avenue to a more well rounded French vocabulary. The ease of use of the book/CD combination allowed me to download the audio to my IPOD or to listen to the audio while driving in my car. The repetitive action of listening to the CD gave me a solid understanding of the material and helped me successfully improve my oral French. The content goes beyond a list of vocabulary to the everyday uses of the expressions which makes the application into your life seamless."

Cassandra McNiece3rd Year French Studies Major | University of Windsor

In contrast to the many university courses I have taken in the past, this FSL course was relevant, helpful, and inexpensive. Although I was a French Immersion student, I did not realize how much I would benefit from this course. The content of the course is practical; thus, it improved both my oral and written expression in French. One of the major advantages of this course is that it is not time consuming. As a mother and a professional in progress, this course enabled me to tackle the material at my own pace. Another advantage is that the course equips its students with confidence in order to be able to perform in front of others or in a classroom setting. As a student of this course, I learned to answer questions in a proper and concise manner. My mistakes served as an opportunity for me to gain quick and helpful feedback. As a result, I learned to be more at ease in expressing my thoughts effectively while gaining self-confidence.

Sheeba ShukoorTeacher Candidate in the Faculty of Education

Humeur et Humour is a very useful additional resource which can be taught in both the Academic and Applied FSL classes. From the point of view of the instructor, it is a collection of complete lesson plans--all of the work is done rendering a product which facilitates the preparation and delivery of the curriculum. The reading, writing, and speaking skills are reinforced through each of the sections. I highly recommend this complete kit which also includes flash cards and CDs.

Toni EspositoDepartment Head of Modern Languages

Your book with combined CD is a useful and interactive method of teaching. Personally, I am more of a visual/auditory learner, so simply reading something will not allow me to fully understand or memorize it. Your CD was clear and concise and gave very useful information.
Most people want to jump to the difficult and more complex topics when learning a new language, mainly to fast track their learning, but what they do not realize is that when learning a new language, you need to fully and thoroughly understand the basics before you can move forward.
The information presented in your book were common errors that people don't even realize they may be using. It was good to have the correct version of a simple sentence or rule to guide people when writing. Since you incorporated the CD, I had the opportunity to read along while you spoke. I also made good notes on the things you said. What helped me was that you didn't simply follow word-for-word what the book said. You almost interacted with the listener and gave additional information to make the reading easier and understandable.
Overall, the concepts in your book helped me make a comfortable transition into my first year university French class. When I understood the concepts, it made me feel better prepared for the future of French studies.
I found this book to be very useful and enlightening not only for university students but also for high school students. It could prepare them for university French and make them more aware of some of the common mistakes in the French language.

Alexandra Frabotta1st Year French | University of Windsor

An effective approach towards language acquisition for beginners. It may be difficult at times for adults to learn a new language, especially one that is so different from the English language. However, the explanations are simple enough to help understand the differences in the language. The dialogues demonstrate the differences between masculine and feminine words. They helped me to understand and apply their use in different contexts. As for the vocabulary, it is simple enough to learn and to apply in everyday conversations. I appreciated learning the formal use of the language and the “magic expressions” which are key sentences, words and phrases that are used in everyday language. After listening and repeating the several vocabulary words and key phrases, I can now read simple sentences in the Arabic language. These are great stepping stones towards further language development in Arabic. Being someone who has been exposed to the Arabic language throughout my life, I never really spoke the language, due to a lack of confidence. However, after learning several grammatical rules and proper pronunciation, I will not be intimidated to participate in a conversation with those who speak the language fluently.

David JosephTeacher Consultant - Languages

As a teacher and a student, I found that exercises such as Reading I, What is this Mark?, combined with the supplementary listening aides provided, not only created a positive learning environment in which I could begin my understanding of Arabic, but helped instil a sense of success and accomplishment that helped carry my understanding throughout my work and time with the language. It was here, by actually using Arabic in a clear, concise and fun way that both my ability and my desire to use the text and the language truly took off.

Joshua DebockFaculty of Education | University of Windsor

For a non-native speaker of Arabic such as myself setting off into the world of the Arabic language could have been a daunting and difficult task from the very beginning. However, thanks to the teaching aids of easy dialogues, common phrases, and informative transliterations, your text Bulbul made my initation to Arabic easy and rewarding. The most difficult aspect of Arabic for speakers who have never encountered a language outside the European realm is surely, in my opinion, vocabulary acquisition. That is why your text was so helpful, it initiates speakers to useful vocabulary, both formal and informal, before moving on to the complex grammar rules of Arabic. The basic tools I acquired from this text have helped me pursue a greater understanding of the Arabic language and language as a whole in the last 3 years.

Andrew C. McKinnonArabic Studies | University of Windsor

I have just started using your Arabic course with my children and we are finding it to be very straightforward and user-friendly. We don't have any background in Arabic, but your course is making it easy and fun to get acquainted with the language. Your CD has been helpful for learning the correct pronunciation. We are thrilled to have found this course, and we look forward to using your French materials as well.

LornaHomeschooling Mother of Four

I found your lessons to be straight-forward and easy to remember, compared to Rosetta Stone Arabic. You gave questions with many different answers instead of just one answer. I found this very helpful. Also, you made the lessons into a conversation which really helps to remember the material. I find Rosetta Stone all over the place.
Rosetta Stone can be confusing at times because you can’t always figure out what the program is looking for, the pictures show many different items.
Although I have only completed a couple of your lessons, I have found them to be more effective than Rosetta Stone thus far.

Jocelyn Ward